Infidelity & Adultery Investigations - Scofield & Associates

Infidelity & Adultery Investigations

Is your husband, wife or partner cheating on you? Our infidelity and adultery investigators can quickly uncover the truth.

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Missing Person Locates - Scofield & Associates

Missing Person Locates

Our trained and experienced missing persons investigators can help you find almost anyone, quickly and affordably.

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Fugitive Locates - Scofield & Associates

Fugitive Locates

We assist bail agents in locating and / or apprehending fugitives that have skipped on bail. Investigators have many years of experience in this area with service on local and federal fugitive task forces.

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Process Service - Scofield & Associates

Process Service

Our investigators can serve your court documents and subpoenas quickly and return the appropriate paperwork to the court to get your case moving forward.

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Attorney Litigation Support - Scofield & Associates

Attorney Litigation Support

Our investigators are skilled have conducted many interviews and interrogations for state and federal cases and are trained and certified in several techniques. We can assist attorneys with interviews, locating witnesses, photographs, case reviews, and more.

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Employment and Tenant Background Checks - Scofield & Associates

Employment and Tenant Background Checks

Scofield & Associates can provide your business with FCRA compliant background checks for new employees or tenants at affordable prices.

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Our Value

Trust is the key in any relationship and it is one of the most important things when seeking to hire private investigators in Colorado. At Scofield & Associates, we consider the relationship between the client and our Colorado PI to be the most important relationship and encourage a one-on-one meeting to help to break the ice.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us at Scofield & Associates and we strive to offer the best customer service. Our investigators are discreet, empathetic and caring with the ability to treat each client as we would treat our own family.

Our Goal - CAIPTC

Investigator Agency in Northern Colorado

100% Confidential

Scofield & Associates is a firm with licensed investigators who are experienced as former military, and local law enforcement officers. Scofield & Associates handles process service of court documents & subpoenas, surveillance, interviews, interrogations, background checks, fugitive and missing person locates, corporate loss, and family issues.

Experience includes working on local and federal task forces, testifying in court, and experience in Colorado county and district court as well as federal court. Investigators are court recognized experts in Colorado.

If you’re in need of personal protection, we have skilled professionals who can provide bodyguard and protective services. Your personal safety will be of our utmost importance at Scofield & Associates. Whenever you need us and for whatever reason, we’ll be by your side offering you that much-needed level of personal safety and peace of mind.

Looking for a PI in Colorado?

Regardless of your investigative needs, Scofield & Associates can provide reliable, confidential results at affordable rates. We serve Northern Colorado!